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This seizure of 2500 kilos of cocaine was the largest in the history of Chicago.  The street value was $250,000,000.  The defense attorneys argued that having all the cocaine in the courtroom was prejudicial.  The judge ruled that was the nature of evidence.

A sawed off shotgun and a few other lethal toys seized from a raid on a suburban heroin dealer.


$400,000 in cash seized from a courier that came up from Florida.


A couple of Uzis, a carbine, and a handful of pistols seized from a drug dealer/money launderer that drew down on me with one of the Uzis.  Who won?  I’m still here.

Luxury autos seized from west side drug dealers.



A secret hiding place behind a false wall in a closet that a drug dealer used to hide his illicit profits.  The drug dealer’s wife labeled it her wheel of fortune.  It held $20,000 in each compartment.