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Scott Garity followed in his father’s footsteps, fighting the good fight. Eighteen years after his father, a decorated Chicago policeman, was killed in the line of duty, Scott is told that his father was corrupt, an adulterer, and committed suicide. But the worst is yet to come. Scott deals with these issues and more as he is thrown into an investigation of a ghetto street operation, corrupt policemen, and betrayal by those closest to him.   August 2009


It’s 1968 in rural Mississippi. Beauford Tisdale’s ancestors were emancipated from slavery over 100 years ago. Now he finds himself plunged into a world of terror, assassinations, and corruption that has made his life a chasm of shame, lies, and secrets.   May 2011 

   When IRS Special agent Gloria Nighthawk is sent to Iraq to find Saddam Hussein’s missing assets, the mission soon plunges her into a battle against unimaginable obstacles that turn her personal life upside down. Her lover, James Abbott, is killed by insurgents. While back home in Chicago her husband, Federal Judge Robert Carlton, fights FBI charges based on evidence gathered from her investigation of a gangbanger. Torn between Iraq and Chicago, she conducts a secret investigation to find those responsible for the murder of Abbott while trying to protect her son and daughter from the imminent break-up of their family. Will they blame her for their father’s peril? As if this isn’t enough, when she locates billions belonging to Hussein, she faces an unexpected barrier ─ the CIA.


Scott Garity is forced to take a leave of absence from the federal drug task force. He's hired as an investigator by a former governor of Illinois' law firm to find a young woman who is allegedly the daughter of a wealthy client. The truth is she is an exotic dancer that works at a strip club owned by a Russian mobster and both the governor and the mobster have their own reasons for wanting her found. December 2013